Our Story begins in 2012 when Alena O'Connell came up with the unique idea to build a fun, relaxing and peaceful store to cater to mermaids and mermaid lovers around the country. Over the next 5 years we focused on building our inventory by finding niche items, the likes of which some you will find nowhere else. In 2017 Hurricane Irma hit the Florida Keys causing damage and devastation across the area. Fortunately we were one of the lucky ones and did not sustain any losses from the store. Instead the storm created a unique opportunity to expand our operations to a new, larger location granting us the ability to grow our inventory even further and really expand our product offerings. We have worked hard to bring the relaxing vibe and fun-loving atmosphere to the new location and the reaction has been phenomenal. In 2017, Alena brought her son Richard on-board to assist with day-to-day operations allowing her to focus more on finding the great products that our Mermaids love. As the story continues to be written we encourage all of you to come visit the store. Every person that walks through our doors helps to write a bit more of the story and we LOVE to meet new and amazing people from around the world so come in and see us and stay tuned as the story unfolds.